An adjective for uncertainty. 2020. Cut and folded serigraphs, paper wire, inject prints. Dimensions variable.

An assemblage of hanging mobiles and prints look at a notion of Vertigo - the fear of falling vis-à-vis a simultaneous temptation (desire) to let go and to surrender to the fall.

A notion of Vertigo, as both a physical phenomenon and as sensory and cognitive duplicity, operates here as a figurative and formal device. Stressing the spectator as an active agent in the constitution of the artwork and its essential condition for its completeness, the installation’s warping moiré and shifting effects are not merely directed to the eye but to experiences which affect the entire body and demand the viewer to be in motion in front of or in relation to the work—marking a departure away from a usual secure position of set composition, in favour of mutable and unstable vertigo-like effects and sensory overload. Here, the sensory fabric of the work and the psyche of the spectator provide a mesmeric spiral of uncertainty and reflect that perception is far from objective and somewhat easy to destabilise and deceive and points to the way we see things always depends on our point of view.

© Eirini Boukla. // All Rights Reserved.

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