A Daily Route. 2007.

Shredded paper, black bin bags, yellow bins. (Colour observation, Glen Road, off Otley Road, Headingley to Hyde Park Corner, Situation Leeds Art Festival)

Photographs documenting the yellow public waste bins along the daily route between my home and the city. The bins were filled with shredded colour paper. The colours were selected to echo the environment around the bins. This exercise was a deliberate attempt to nudge us into observing the everyday. Walking a daily route does not necessarily mean we experience and recognise a space.

A daily route envisions, as a topographical mapping, the culturally inscribed nature of our everyday travels. The project sought to render visible our movement through the city's built environment, revealing patterns of passage flow through the urban body: the privileging of one route over another, the concentration of movement through particular neighbourhoods, and the repetition and variation of a traveller's movement over time.

The motivation behind this work is not about how we perceive space in general but how we mark a space through our actions.

This project was an observation and occasional manipulation of the quirks of everyday life. Responding to ephemeral and contingent circumstances from the viewpoint of passers-by, who are both involved and separated.

© Eirini Boukla. // All Rights Reserved.

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